Ethical standards of a public servant

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A civil servant shall be guided by the following ethical standards:

1. He should be able to dispose of the power and authority and still be honest.

2. He should work in the public service for the good of the state, not for his own well-being, not to be confused with public funds own pockets.

3. Official should live without fear of the question "What are you living on?" Because there should be no reason for the emergence of pictures of his villas, high fences around them, and expensive cars.

4. It is very important of living in harmony with the requirements of the law.

5. A public servant should work for any post, in any capacity so that under no circumstances he should lose the trust of the people, the citizens of the country.

6. Kazakh government official should be an example of justice, humility, able to behave in humans.

7. Before managing a team, he has to learn to obey, to be able to perform what is required of their employees.

8. He must immediately intervene, take action, if he sees that harms the interests of the state or to prepare an act of corruption.