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On the outcome of the prosecution authorities work for 2015

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In 2015, the prosecutor's office authoritiesof West Kazakhstan region considerable work was done aimed at strengthening the rule of law in social and economic sphere.

Prosecutors revealed more than 25 thousand violations of the law, to eliminate them made more than 1.5 thousand prosecutorial supervision acts. It has been started pre-trial investigation on 48 criminal offenses. Measures to respond canceled and changed 1158 of unlawful acts, including 8 regulatory legal, protected constitutional rights of more than 44 thousand people, more than three thousand people brought to disciplinary and administrative responsibility. It has been provided the completion of the state budgetin the amount of more than 10 bln. tenge, the state returned property worth more than 850 million tenge.

It has been provided to repay debt owed to 1183 employees in the amount of 168 million tenge and 85 convicted persons in excess of 814 thousand tenge.

For committing corruption offenses 96 persons were brought to disciplinary responsibility, including 45 heads, administrative - 2. Most corruption offenses identified in the sphere of land relations and housing, at an expenditure of budgetary funds allocated for conduct public procurement, the development of agro-industrial complex etc.

45 entrepreneurs’rights protected, 10 of which are due to the work of the mobile groups.

It has been continued close cooperation with the Chamber of entrepreneurs of the region in which the building is successfully operating specialized "Prosecutor office."

It has been conducted a large-scale anonymous polling among 3 thousand entrepreneurs to identify problematic issues, the results are used in the preparation of the action "The prosecutor explained," with the participation of entrepreneurs and representatives of regulatory and supervisory agencies.

Protected by the constitutional rights of more than 29 thousand minors for violation of their rights to the disciplinary responsibility were brought 457 persons, administrative - 177. Started 9 pre-trial investigations.

Particular attention is paid to matters of compliance with environmental legislation and the rational use of its resources.

For violations of environmental legislation (the burning of raw gas above-norm) with the branch "KPO" recovered an administrative fine in the amount of 2.2 bln. tenge, as well as in the courts really compensated the damage in the amount of 7.3 bln. tenge.

For placementof drilling waste disposal on agricultural land with damage to the environment of more than 150 milliontenge, headsof LLP "Green Aksai" convicted

As a result of appeal decision in civil cases prevented the loss of the state budget amounting to more than 27.1 million tenge.

According to the prosecutor's response measures under the executive documents recovered more than 744 million tenge.

By order of Burlinsk district prosecutor in thestate damages the debtor LLP "Aksay elevator" property in the amount of about 619 million tenge transferred in kind of JSC Food Corporation ""NC"

According to the prosecutor's office criminal cases the head of the Uralsk territorial departmentsentenced for non-fulfillment of the executive document to apply to the State Revenue oil worth 54.2 million tenge, and the officer of the court for the alienation of his custody of vehicles and diesel fuel in the amount of 10 116 liters, subjected to confiscation in state revenue.

Work with citizens’ appeals occupies a significant place in the total volume of work of the prosecutor's office. Every year, thousands of citizens’ complaints and applications considered and resolved. For the protection of their right more than 8700 people applied, of whom more than 7400 applications considered by prosecutors. In the course of their consideration168 citizensconstitutional rights protected. 81 act of prosecutorial response introduced, 60 people brought to different kinds of responsibility, on 18 applications started a pre-trial investigation.

Overall, the past year has been marked by the transition to a new model of criminal procedure, the new penal code, a new form of registration of criminal offenses. All innovations have taken root and are widely used.

Status of the crime situation in the region as a whole is stable, the growth of violations registered by 16.6% is due to a change in the registration form.

There is decrease in homicides by 37%, rapes by 9.3%, robbery by 26.6%, theft of another's property by 1.4%, extortion by 13.8%.

At the same time, there is an increasing number of causing serious harm to the health of 37.7%, 42.1% robberies, fraud - by 13.2%, hooliganism by 18.9% to 135.2% drug offenses.

State reimbursed 743 million tenge for damage caused by crime. According acts prosecutors convicted recovered more than 28 million tenge procedural costs.

Prosecutors protected the right to personal freedom 30 (34) citizens who are exempt from the offices of the police officers.

In connection with the humanization of the legislation, the General Prosecutor's Office developed and applied 10 incremental steps to reduce the prison population.

The courts of the region with the indictment considered 1255 criminal cases against 1465 persons, of which 230 convicted to deprivation of liberty.

At the initiative of public prosecutors 4 criminal cases initiated on the facts of giving false testimonyby witnesses and victims. Guilty persons convicted.

As a result of this work 168 people employedof working age 355 or 47.3%.

Court considered and approved 29 materials for replacement measuresof punishment to a fine,a sum in the amount of 11.8 million tenge was brought in the budget.

Within the framework of work to prevent religious extremism with centralized register removed 4 convicted persons, of whom three of them the deprivation replaced by restriction of freedom, employed 5 relatives of convicted persons, 21 families made social payments in the amount of about 3 million tenge, 23 children of convicted persons provided financial assistance in the amount of 377 thousand tenge.

At the initiative of the prosecutor's office convicted persons actually repaidthe budget 27.6 million tenge.

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