Judgment of conviction has been taken against the rector of Pavlodar State Teaching’s Training Institute for embezzlement and misappropriation of budget funds, abusing of office authorities and forgery

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November 21, 2011.

This convicted person in 2009 fictitiously has issued his relative, who did not actually work at the university and, thus, committed embezzlement of budget funds by the using of false documents in the amount of more than 800 thousand.
In addition, he put 10 microscopes unknown brand under a contract supplier PPL at the end of 2009, which he has provided the technical documentation as to the alleged "Eton-12 Y". Despite repeated requests from employees of the university on compliance of the microscope, that the investigation confirmed the expert opinion on the direction they have been convicted and placed on the debit balance, and transferred the entire amount to the supplier under the contract. Thus, the state suffered damage in the amount of more than 2.7 million tenge.
Rector has been sentenced for theft and embezzlement of budget funds, abuse of office and forgery (by Article176 part 3, paragraph "g", 307 part 1, 314 part 1 of the Criminal Code RK) to 5 years in prison probation and disqualification to hold positions in government for a period of 7 years according to the court verdict.