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The facts of corruption offensesrevealed

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Thefactsofcorruptionoffensesrevealed. The prosecutor's office of Petropavlovsk city audited for compliance with anti-corruption and other legislation in the activity of SI "The department of employment and social programs of Petropavlovskcity." The facts of corruption offenses by individual official holders of the Department revealed.

Revealed violations have taken place in the organization and conduct of public procurement for the purchase of professional services of sign language. So, for the period 2013 office holders of the Department to provide social services specialist of sign language for the hearing impaired generated demand for 97 persons and accordingly held the state procurement of services, made an agreement on the allocation for these purposes from the local budget of 3.2 million tenge.

Similarly, in 2014, for 95 people with disabilities these services purchasedby Departmentfor a total amount of 3.8 million tenge. Meanwhile, it was found that as a result of lack of proper control by the supervising deputy head of the Department of B.O., government procurement for the years 2013-2014 conducted on invalid documents. For example, for the period of 2013, out of 97 individual rehabilitation plans (hereinafter - IRP), was valid for only 6, 2014 from 95 IPR were really 6.

In a more detailed study of the abovementioned IPR found that the terms of their implementation expired in 2011-2012. The abovementioned facts have contributed to the fact that the Department carried out an unjustified budget planning for 2013-2014 as well as the fact of IPR is the basis for the provision the services of specialist of sign language. Byclause 2.2 of the Contract number 77, signed between the Department (Customer) and the Company (Contractor), provided that the Customer had to check compliance with charging for services, as well as to control the quality of services provided to people with disabilities by specialist of sign language.

However, the abovementioned requirements of the Contract and, accordingly, the duties of the Department office holders were ignored. Moreover, the Deputy Head of the Department B.O. and the head of the sector B.A. repeatedly violated the legal procedure in dealing with other issues within their competence. Thus, the Company as the supporting documents on a monthly basis in the period 2013-2014 provided acts of executed works (information-calculation), the provision of services to people with disability of sign language.

At the same time, B.O. repeatedly took a decision on the approval of the abovementioned acts, although the actual volume of work performed did not correspond to reality. In addition, these actions contributed to by the Company allowed the theft of budget funds allocated for the services of sign language specialiststotaling 2.1 mlntenge. A similar violation of the rule of law admitted and in public procurement for the provision of professional services of sign language in 2015, which is responsible for the correct formation of a package of documents for the hearing disabled is Head of the Department sector B.A.

Thus, in the actions of the deputy head of SI "Department of employment and social programs of  Petropavlovsk city " B.O.and the head of the sector of SI "The department of employment and social programs of Petropavlovskcity " B.A. were discreet elements of an offense that creates conditions for corruption, namely the violation of p. 10 Clause 1, Article. 12 of the Law "On Combating Corruption" - that is repeated violation of the legal order of the solution of other issues within their competence. On the basis of the prosecutor's act of Petropavlovsk abovementioned persons were brought to disciplinary responsibility under p.10 p. 1, Art. 12 of the Law "On Combating Corruption". Press office of the prosecutor's office of North Kazakhstan region

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