Session of coordination council of law enforcement authorities from september, 30th, 2009

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Today is of Coordination council of law enforcement authorities the Republic of Kazakhstan has taken place in the State Prosecutor general’s office.

At session questions of interaction of law enforcement authorities with nature protection departments in counteraction sphere to ecological offences, increasing of efficiency struggle against poaching in the Ural-Caspian pool and interaction strengthening (of) contraband suppression, the drug traffic, illegal migration and other offences on borders of Kazakhstan with were considered.

Vice - director of President Donakov T.S Administration ., chairmen Senate &Mazhilisi of Parlament chairman committees profile Aman E. and Nigmatulin E. of the law enforcement authorities, the interested ministries and departments ,the assistants have taken part in session, also the Akims of Atyray Coordination council, West Kazakhstan and Mangistau regions and. (Prosecutor offices heads authorities)
In connection with an increasing urgency of the problems in (in sphere of the enviroment preservation) the analysis of Nature protection department overall performance and the law enforcement authorities on counteraction to ecological offences is carried out.

It is established, that actions for this question are spent by the law-enforcement and authorized authorities, sometimes it is separated, due interaction between them is not carried out, that negatively affects results of spent work. 
So, despite measures taken by the state authorities the reduction of the state wood fund prompts as a result of illegal cabins and fires, illegal extraction and an illegal turn of animal’s valuable breeds, their parts and derivatives, pollution of atmosphere above permitted standard, water environment and soil proceeds, etc.

For example, ten thousand hectares of the unique relic tape pine forest in the Pavlodar area for the last years is cut down by the criminals
In the East Kazakhstan area in Semei Ormany wood reserve as a result of illegal cabins and fires 6 thousand hectares of the grounds covered with wood, including over 30 % of a relic pine forest is lost

The reason of interaction low level and law enforcement) structures and nature protection departments are absence of the general strategic and program documents concerning struggle against ecological offences, imperfection of legislation separate norms, absence or an inefficiency of operating plans about the organization of those or other joint actions, and also insufficient personnel and material security of the state authorities. 
To detailed discussion of participant’s coordination participant’s session council the problem of insufficient coordination of law – enforcement law and authorized authorities on counteraction is subjected poaching in the Uralo-Caspian pool. 

The analysis of criminal situations in the named water pool testifies to preservation of a significant amount of the facts of illegal extraction of fish. 

Only by frontier guards it is detained over 800 poachers, 300 swimming means, hundreds kilometers of networks, some tons of caviar and ten tons of fish ¬ of sturgeon breeds are withdrawn almost for the last three years¬. 
Last years poaching has got more and more organized forms, level of poaching material equipment raises. 

To poaching wide circulation, frequently, promote non-observance of import order in the country and export of fish for limits of Kazakhstan, marking of caviar production, non- regulating navigation questions, absence of restrictions on import and manufacture of the tools forbidden by the legislation лова and other problems. 

In connection with by stated, members of Coordination council recognize necessity of acceptance of a complex measures directed on increase of an overall performance on revealing, suppression of the extraction illegal of fishes valuable breeds of fishes and caviar production in the Uralo-Caspian pool. 

Participants of session state expediency of law interaction increase enforcement authorities concerning counteraction to offences on the Kazakh-Kirghiz and Kazakh-Uzbek borders, especially on struggle against contraband, the drug traffic and illegal migration, qualitative realization of measures joint plans, and also increases the equipment of check points material 

By results of consideration and discussion by Coordination council a number of concrete decisions on improvement of work quality and level of corresponding interaction state authorities on the stated problem questions is accepted. 
In particular, with a view of elimination of blanks and the contradictions of legal character interfering effective counteraction to ecological offences, it decided to make offer in the Government on perfection of current legislation separation norms

It is recommended to law-enforcement and authorized authorities to accept the necessary interdepartmental certificates directed on creation of the effective mechanism of interaction for achievement of overall aims. 
Besides, it is offered to consider possibility of organizational, personnel and material strengthening of the state authorities’ responsible divisions