Zhakip Asanov congratulated the staff on a professional holiday

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Zhakip Asanov congratulated the staff on a professional holiday - 464297209

Astana, December 6, 2017. At the General Prosecutor's Office there was a solemn meeting dedicated to the Day of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Congratulating the staff on the professional holiday, General Prosecutor Zhakip Asanov made a short excursion into the history of the formation of the prosecutor's office, the role of the Head of State in strengthening the status of the prosecutor's office in the system of law enforcement agencies.

He focused on the events that marked the outgoing year and, of course, became the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the prosecutor's office. This is a constitutional reform, essentially updated the version of Article 83 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the new Law "On the Prosecutor's Office", clearly outlining the scope of supervision.

He noted that for the first time in history, by the Decree of the President approved the Regulations on the General Prosecutor's Office and its structure, the mission of the department was determined.

The standards of working with the population have been revised. Throughout the country, law enforcement services centers have been opened, whose employees provide legal assistance to citizens without administrative barriers and bureaucracy.

The General Prosecutor thanked the employees for their dedication to duty and dedication, recalled the tasks facing the department to further strengthen the guarantees of the rights of citizens in the criminal process, and expressed confidence in achieving the goals.

In conclusion, Zh. Asanov warmly congratulated the staff and wished health, success in work and family well-being.

In honor of the professional holiday for impeccable service and exemplary performance of duties, a number of prosecutors are encouraged by class ranks and departmental awards.

The event ended with a video of the transformation in the prosecutor's office and a festive concert organized by the prosecutor's office.


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Zhakip Asanov congratulated the staff on a professional holiday - 642472130
Zhakip Asanov congratulated the staff on a professional holiday - 1430459425


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