There was a conference on combating domestic violence in Astana

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Astana, December 8, 2017. On the eve of the celebration of the International Human Rights Day and within the framework of the annual action "16 days without violence", the General Prosecutor's Office together with the National Commission for Women and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the country (hereinafter - the National Commission) and the Human Rights Ombudsman in the Republic of Kazakhstan there was a conference on: "Prevention of Domestic Violence - Real Steps to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan". The co-organizers of the event were UN-Women in Central Asia, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Representatives of the Administration of the President, the Prime Minister's Office, deputies of the Parliament, members of the National Commission and National Center for Human Rights, heads of central state and law enforcement bodies, experts of international organizations and NGOs took part in the conference.

Deputy chairman of the National Commission Elena Tarasenko was moderator of the event, who noted the special attention paid by the Head of State to the protection of women's rights and gender equality.

In the course of the conference, they discussed issues of strengthening the prevention of family and domestic offenses, the problem of law enforcement practice, as well as the prospects for improving legislation in this area.

In his speech, Deputy General Prosecutor Andrei Lukin spoke about the measures being taken by the ministry to protect sensitive problems of citizens and society, the reasons and motivations for launching the project "Kazakhstan without Domestic Violence" (hereinafter - the Project), and thanked the interested bodies and organizations for assistance in implementing this Project.

The head - Senior Assistant to the General Prosecutor for Special Assignments Saltanat Tursynbekova reported more detailed information on the intermediate outcomes of the Project's implementation.

She told about the results of approbation of the project in one of the most densely populated regions of the country - the South-Kazakhstan region in the period since June of the current year.

In particular, she noted the cardinal revision of approaches to prevention in the work of the state bodies of the region, reoriented from declarative practice to the detection of violence.

Here, for the first time within the framework of the pilot, the Management for Family Affairs and the Center for the Rehabilitation of Family Aggressors have been set up, a complex algorithm for interaction between state agencies has been developed, as well as the draft of the Unified Information Database on the Prevention of Domestic Violence based on the e-Halyk system.

In addition, in the 14 districts and in Shymkent, the Social and Psychological Support Services have been established. They are accessible to the rural population, have crisis beds and provide services free of charge.

It also became known that the project team conducted more than 3 thousand events, which covered about 1 million people, helped more than 7 thousand citizens. Training courses were conducted for education employees, health employees, social employees, and new services.

Then, the head of the National Center for the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Ospanov, vice ministers for foreign affairs, public health, labor and social protection of the population, international experts and NGO representatives delivered reports on the topic of the discussion.

As a result of the discussion, they noted need for further enhancement of human rights mechanisms, the effectiveness of preventive measures and the strengthening of the family institution.

Following the conference, they adopted a number of recommendations.



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