Teens of Astana - for safe future!

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Astana, January 19, 2018. Today, within the framework of the Regional Hub for Combating Global Threats, the Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies organized a film-training for senior schoolchildren of the capital schools "I am for a safe future!" The event was held at the K. Kuanyshbaev Kazakh State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama Theater.

Training on countering terrorism and extremism was held with the participation of psychologists, representatives of the juvenile police, education department, public organizations and the media.

In the context of the development of the information space, the receptivity of young people to radical ideas, working with teenagers and students is one of the key vectors of broad information propaganda in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Training is planned to be carried out in a new format via film-training, which today is one of the most effective forms of teaching children.

During the film-training students are immersed in the action of a specially selected film with the help of an experienced psychologist. At the same time, they learn what terrorism and extremism are, how dangerous they are, learn to deeply analyze the story lines, see hidden ways of recruiting, manipulating people, putting themselves in the place of the main character and adequately reacting to the situation that has arisen.

The result of this immersion is a conscious self-correction of behavior by teenagers, the formation of legal awareness, the development of law-abiding behavior.

After the film the participants of the training shared their impressions and opinions, noted the importance of such events for the education of teenagers, the formation in society of immunity to a radical ideology.


Press Service of the Academy of Law Enforcement


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