Supervision in passenger transportation sphere

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Astana, January 26, 2018. Based on the analysis of the state of legality in the organization of intraurban passenger bus transportation the General Prosecutor's Office introduced the Prime Minister an idea of ​​eliminating violations of the law, the reasons and conditions they contribute.

It is established that there are a number of problematic issues in the country's road transport industry, including the insufficient legal regulation, the lack of a program document and a unified practice of applying tax administration.

The consequences of these gaps have already affected business entities engaged in road transport throughout the Republic.

For example, in the city of Oskemen the fiscal body saw an incorrect application of the tax regime by automobile companies while joint activities.

In order to protect the public interests the public prosecutor of the city of Oskemen filed a lawsuit with the court on the abolition of tax notices to truckers on January 18 this year.

Another no less important reason for the emerging situation was the lack of subsidies for vehicle fleet losses by local executive bodies due to insufficient funding.

The General Prosecutor's Office proposed to take comprehensive measures to improve the quality and accessibility of passenger road transport, ensure transparency of tariff formation, development of transport services in conditions of fair competition and social responsibility in its act of reaction.



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