The Prosecutor General’s Office extradited the person, wanted for theft of money holders

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Today, by the staff of the Prosecutor General’s Office, with the assistance of the Embassy of the Kazakhstan in the UAE was extradited from the United Arab Emirates to Astana 45-year-old Mirhat Alimbetov, wanted for committing crimes under Article 176  part 3 paragraph "b" of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Embezzlement of entrusted property).

Alimbetov is accused of appropriating and embezzlement of  money of depositors for the amount of 397 043 330 tenge and 434 541 991 tenge of state funds, as founder and director of "Kakadu", during 2005-2008, in the course of construction of the LCD "Kypshak" in Astana.

In 2012, he was found in Dubai. On April, 4, of this year on the basis of the current Agreement on Extradition between the two states by the law enforcement agencies of the UAE was made a decision to extradite a suspect to Kazakhstan.

At present Alimbetov is taken into the detention facility in Astana, the investigation is hold by the DIA of Astana city.

The Prosecutor General’s Office carried out purposeful work on the extradition of kazakhstani citizens, accused of committing crimes, which are hidden abroad. Active cooperation has been established with the competent authorities of foreign states to return fugitive criminals and ensure the inevitability of punishment for crimes committed.

In the framework of this work for the past five years, 349 wanted persons was given out to Kazakhstan, more than 100 requests are being considered by the competent authorities of foreign countries.

The supervisory authority is seeking the extradition of Kazakh nationals from foreign countries, for example, just in the last two years 8 people was given out from the United Arab Emirates, also were given out persons from Spain, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany and Finland.

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