Prosecutor General took part in 14th meeting of general prosecutors of Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s member states (30 November 2016, Sanya, PRC)

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Today Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Zhakip Assanov participated in the 14th session of general prosecutors of the SCO member states in the city of Sanya, PRC, where issues of international cooperation for countering terrorism were discussed.

The event was attended by the heads of supreme supervisory authorities of the SCO countries – China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, representatives of states-observers – Belarus, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan.

During the meeting Zh. Assanov, expressing gratitude to Chinese colleagues for the organization of this event, emphasized the uniqueness of this platform for developing universal instruments and methods for fighting terrorism. In addition, he informed participants of the meeting on Kazakh prosecutor’s office experience in preventing terrorist acts and localization of crisis situations, as well as key factors that attract attention of law enforcement bodies during the prevention of terrorism.

He drew attention to criminal nature of radicals, threats of Salafism, departure of citizens to the Syria-Iraq conflict zone, and talked about sources of the emergence of radical “cells”.

Moreover, the Prosecutor General shared with foreign colleagues Kazakh state authorities’ experience of the work with the population, who firstly applied in practice a complex approach for averting extremism and terrorism in one of the regions of the Republic.

By articulating joint preemptive measures, the Head of Kazakh supervisory institution proposed a range of concrete mechanisms for their implementation.

The prosecutors discussed topical aspects of further collaboration for combating modern challenges and threats.

In the framework of the visit Zhakip Assanov held negotiations with the Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the PRC Cao Jianming, with whom he discussed topical issues of countering terrorism and extremism, protection of investments and agreed to hold joint activities on exchange of experience. Additionally, bilateral meetings with the SCO prosecutors general took place, where major areas of mutually beneficial bilateral collaboration were examined.

Following the meeting the SCO member states’ general prosecutors signed a Protocol and developed common approaches to interactions and exchange of experience in the field of countering terrorism.

Press Service of the General Prosecutor’s Office



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