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In recent days the articles associated with demonstrating on Internet resources thevideoon bride kidnapping in Kazakhstanhave been appeared in media.

In accordance with the law, kidnapping constitutes a criminal offence, entailing liability in form of imprisonment up to 15 years with confiscation of property.

Upon receipt of information on committing such crimes, lawenforcement authorities take comprehensive measures on disclosure of the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

The events reflected in the above mentioned video was also checked.

Identityof newlyweds was installed.

According to the couple’s explanation, they have been in a civil marriage since August of the current year, and before that have been friends approximately a yearand have planned to create a family.

In addition, the wife said that she had come to the house of the bridegroom voluntarily, and the scene of coercionin the video she explained as a desire to demonstrate compliance of national traditions associated with the preservation of maiden honor in such situations.

Legalactions on respond to the specified video of the law enforcement authoritieshave not been taken due to the stated circumstances.

The Prosecutor General’s office

of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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