Press-release on visit of the Prosecutor General to Bulgaria (Sofia, November 14, 2014)

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Today the Prosecutor General has visited the Republic of Bulgaria, and within its framework bilateral meetings with the Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov and the Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov have been held.

During the meetings the Parties have appreciated the cooperation between the competent authorities of Kazakhstan and Bulgaria in issues of countering crimes, ensuring legality and rule of law, and have noted that this visit is a confirmation of the Parties interest in further deepening of existing relations.

The relevance of joint efforts consolidation in combating cyber-crime, terrorism and extremism, and also transnational organized crime has also been emphasized.

The Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan have told about priority directions of prosecutor offices activities, and about conducting work in the sphere of expanding and strengthening of international legal cooperation.

Following the negotiations there have been signed the treaties on extradition and on mutual assistance in criminal matters between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Bulgaria.

Moreover, the Parties agreed to conclude the treaty on transfer of sentenced persons in the nearest future.

After the entry of the treaties into force the Parties will have legal basis for extradition of criminals and for effective interaction of law enforcement authorities in the issues of rendering of mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

The Parties expressed the assurances that signing of these international documents will bring relations of the law enforcement authorities of Kazakhstan and Bulgaria to a qualitatively new level, and which in its turn will positively impact on providing of both countries citizens’ rights and legal interests.

Press service of the Prosecutor General’s office

of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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