Press release (September 9, 2013, Moscow)

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The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.Daulbayev took part in work of the 18th Annual conference and General meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), on a subject:  "Prosecutor and rule of law".  The forum brought heads of the supreme supervisory authorities more than from hundred countries of the world and became the largest on the number of participants for all history MAP.

The General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Chayka and the President of the International association of prosecutors James Gamilton opened the Conference.  With a welcoming speech on behalf of the President of Russia the Head of  President Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov acted.

At a forum, questions concerning roles of prosecutors in ensuring rule of law were discussed.   In particular, questions of application of the principle of rule of law concerning prosecutors at operational level, a guarantee provided to prosecutors for ensuring its independence and efficiency of activity, relationship of prosecutors of the various states at implementation of the international cooperation and other questions. 

At conference extensive discussion concerning revision and expansion of a key role and prosecutor's office functions in state life took place, various innovative approaches in this question were considered.

Within a forum A.Daulbayev had a bilateral meetings with general prosecutors of Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Tajikistan and Ukraine, and also representatives of prosecutor's offices of Armenia, Mongolia, South Korea, Pakistan and Canada during which prospects of mutual cooperation were discussed.

Following the results of conference by participants the Declaration which fixed the main directions of further cooperation of bodies of prosecutor's office of the world community was adopted.


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