Press Release Round table on reform of Criminal Procedure law (March 15 th , 2013)

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On  March 15-16 in  Almaty   city  took place  the R ound table  on theme of “Reform of Kazakhstan’s Criminal Procedure Law in accordance with the principles of a rule of law state” with participation of State Secretary  of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr.Marat   Tazh in ,  and  organized by the Prosecutor General 's Office and the Constitutional Council, together with international partners. The forum was attended by the heads of the Presidential Administration, the Supreme Court, members of Parliament, law enforcement agencies, the academician  community, international and non-g overnmental organizations and  foreign experts. 

As noted at the meeting,  the problem of pre-trial proceedings is one of the pressing issues of improving the criminal procedure law. The current model  doesn’t comply with the modern requirements  and ha s  a negative impact on its effectiveness,  and on  comply ing  with the constitutional rights of citizens.

During the  round table was held  a comprehensive discussion of major ways to improve the Criminal Procedure  Code  in the framework of draft law , developed by the Prosecutor  General's  Office. The proposed novel s designed to simplify and expedite the work of investigating authorities, to bring criminal procedure law to  the  accepted international standards,  and to  strengthen the guarantees of rights and freedoms of citizens involved in criminal proceedings.

As part of discussion  took place  an exchange of views   on the main aspects of the efficiency of criminal procedure, the introduction of new provisions in the fundamental practice of the criminal process, the development of non-judicial mechanisms for settling criminal conflicts.

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