Press release on participation of the Prosecutor General at the Annual conference of the International Association of Prosecutors (Dubai, November 24, 2014)

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The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbayev participated at the 19th Annual conference and General meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) named “Good Prosecution Practice – Learning from each other”. The conference gathered the heads of prosecution services of about 50 countries.

The conference was opened by the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Governor of Dubai Mohammad ben Rashid Al Makhtum and the IAP President Gerhard Jarosch (Austria).

The issues of ensuring the rule of law, raising the efficiency of interaction of prosecution authorities in combating transnational crime and other challenges and threats of modern world have been discussed during the conference.  

Particularly, there have taken place wide discussions on the prosecutors’ implementation of newest technologies in fighting cybercrime and different innovated approaches in this area.

Speaking during the conference, the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan emphasized the significance of the IAP dialogue forum to deepen international cooperation, search the ways of joint counteraction against transnational crime.

Stressing the importance of efficient information supply of supervision, A.Daulbayev presented to the confers the results of introduction of innovated technologies to supervision practice that allow to receive the completest and most reliable legal information on the state of legality and law order in the country and to implement it on time in law enforcement.

As the participants agreed, topicality of the agenda issues is due to common strategic tasks to ensure international and regional security, consolidation of law enforcement strengths of the countries to protect the interests of society and state. 

Participants confirmed their preparedness to further widen the cooperation aimed at ensuring international and regional security by adopting the Recommendations as a result of the conference.  

Within the conference A.Daulbayev met with the heads of prosecutor general’s offices of Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan, and also with the head of Secretary of IAP and discussed the perspectives of mutual cooperation.  

International Association of Prosecutors unites the prosecutors of 140 countries and Kazakhstan joined it in 1995. The Association does not follow the target of unification of types and activities of prosecution services, respects the historical and other differences of prosecution bodies.

Member states of the IAP aim at developing and strengthening the law enforcement potential of the prosecution service. The community actively triggers the ideas of the rule of law, respect of human rights, implementation of best legal reforms, and activation of international cooperation in combating transnational crime.

To develop the cooperation within the IAP, it gathers prosecutors to annual conferences to discuss topical issues of the professional community.  In 2011 the 6th IAP regional conference for Central, Eastern Europe and Central Asia “The role of the prosecution service in ensuring the legality out of the criminal legal area” was held in Astana.

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