Press release on the participation of First Deputy Prosecutor General at the XIII International meeting of criminology and First event of legality, law and society (Varadero, 23-25 March 2016)

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First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Iogan Merkel took part at the 13th International meeting of criminology and First event of legality, law and society, which were held in Varadero (the Republic of Cuba). The forum brought together the heads of the supreme supervisory authorities also representatives of international, non-governmental, social organizations and clerisy from more than 20 countries.

Prosecutors general of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador delivered welcoming remarks.

The forum discussed the important issues of international cooperation in combating crimes related to human traffic, corruption and money laundering, fraud and tax evasion, as well as returning of proceeds and assets obtained by illegal means. The heads of supervisory authorities also expressed their intention to strengthen interaction and to conduct coordinated policy in fight against transnational crime.

According to general views of participants, the relevance of the agenda items were derived from common strategic objectives for all countries on ensuring international and regional security, consolidation of efforts on providing the guarantees of human rights, guarding the interests of society and state.

On the sidelines of the conference Mr. I. Merkel held negotiations with the prosecutors general of Venezuela and Ecuador, deputies prosecutors general of China and Russia.

During the meeting with the Prosecutor General of Cuba the counterparts exchanged views on key directions of cooperation in combating transnational organized crime, drug trafficking, extremism and terrorism. Furthermore, they touched upon the matters of expanding and strengthening contractual legal framework, interdepartmental collaboration and exchange of operative information.

Press service of the Prosecutor General's office