Press release of the meeting of the Coordinating Council on support of the rule of law, public order and combating crime (Astana, 4 October 2016)

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Today, under the chairmanship of General Prosecutor ZhakipAsanov there was a regular meeting of the Coordinating Council on support of the rule of law, rule of law and combating crime, where they discussed matters of cooperation between government agencies to collect alimony.

The deputies of the Senate and the Majilis of the Parliament, officials of the Administrationof the President, Prime Minister's Office, members of the Coordinating Council on support of the rule of law, rule of law and tcombating crime and the Advisory Council on support of the rule of law at the General Prosecutor's Office, representatives of interested government agencies, international organizations took part in the meeting.

Opening the meeting, Prosecutor General stressed the urgency of this issue and noted the negative dynamics. Today in Kazakhstan there are nearly 32 thousand children bring up in state institutions. Moreover, 70% - orphans with living parents. Every eighth of 4 million families -.incomplete.

For 5 years 200 thousand families or every third marriagehad broken up. Every fifth child hadborn out of wedlock. More than 350 thousand children financially dependent on their parents dropped out. Debts for alimony close to 2 billion tenge.

ZhakipAsanov noted that over the past three years have been limited rights over 13 thousand alimonydefaulters. However, thesemeasuresdonotimprovethesituation

Therefore, the Prosecutor General, together with the interested state bodies developed a draft "Alimony. 30 steps against non-payment." Its goal - to create an effective system of recovery of alimony for the benefit of children.

Within the framework of the project is proposed at the legislative level to revise the procedure for determining the amount of alimony, to introduce a new form of criminal punishment in the form of forced labor, increase the restrictive measures in receiving public services.

The proposed measures are aimed at protecting the interests of the child and to strengthen the responsibility of alimony defaulters.

It was suggested to provide participation in the divorce proceedings mediator psychologists, to implement institutions joint custody, responsible fatherhood.

It is also proposed to study the issue of the introduction of the institute of control by social services expenditureof received alimony. Provide the ability to pay alimony via the transfer to the debtor the property.

Following the discussion, the General Prosecutor's Office in cooperation with the Ministries of Justice, Internal Affairs, the Supreme Court and other government agencies approved 30 measures aimed at a radical solution to the difficult issues of alimony payments and defined control over the course of their execution.

Press office of General Prosecutor's Office


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