Press release of the meeting of the board of the General Prosecutor's Office (Astana, 6 October 2016)

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Today, at the General Prosecutor's Office there was a board meeting, where they discussed the preliminary results of the execution of the Roadmap to implement the recommendations of the Forum "Supervision of public prosecution in the field of entrepreneurship", which was held June 14, 2016 at the General Prosecutor's Office.

The deputies of the Senate and the Majilis of the Parliament, officials of the Administrationof the President, Prime Minister's Office, representatives of the Supreme Court, the interested central government agencies, NPP "Atameken", public council on support of entrepreneurship under the party "NurOtan", the Commissioner for the Protection of Rights entrepreneurs took part in the work of the board.

Attorney General shared with the first results of the work done in the framework of implementation of the Roadmap. This Project provides good opportunities to jointly address problematic issues and the creation of a normal business climate in the country.

In the period after forum, in less than four months as a result of prosecutorial intervention:

First. The number of inspections of entrepreneursdeclined twice.

Second. Criminal cases declinedthree times (from 4687 to the 3rd quarter of 2015 to 1324 for the same period 2016).

The third. Four timesincreased  cases when messages on crimes without registration in ERDR are transferred to authorized authorities(with 690 in the 3rd quarter 2015 till 2538 for the same period of 2016).

Offers on optimization of control and supervising functions, reducing requirements to business which are already fulfilled with authorized state agencies are developed.

Within the framework of the ongoing work of the mass involvement of people in the business in the colonies began their business 26entrepreneurs, employed more than 400 prisoners. Also it is developed a detailed Plan of development business for the rural akims, which is being tested in a number of regions.

There is a special Formon the website of the General Prosecutor's Office, which allows the business entities to specify the norms that discourage business development. These links are available at all regional sites of the National Chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken" and the party "NurOtan".

Voicing targeted plans, Zh.Asanov drew attention to the timely and quality implementation of these measures, where the key focal points should be the Ministry of National Economy and National Chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken".

Summing up the preliminary results of the implementation of the Roadmap, Attorney General urged the leaders of territorial prosecutor's offices and state agencies to establish constructive interaction with the business community.

Following the discussion, the General Prosecutor's Office together with all interested parties was approved an updated Road map, which corrected some measures to improve the protection of business.

Within the framework of this Map is supposed a complex of legal and other organizational and practical measures. On the results will be periodically reported in the media.

Press office of General Prosecutor's Office


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