PRESS RELEASE (July 19th, 2013, Astana)

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Today, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Daulbayev have met with the Military Prosecutor of Belarus Mr.Aleksandr Dtranitsa and Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court – Chairman of Military Board, Colonel of Justice Mr.Sergey Kondratiyev. In the meeting also took part State Military Prosecutor of Kazakhstan Yergali Merzadinov.

During the meeting, they discussed a wide range of issues of bilateral legal cooperation, including in the fight against crime. The parties expressed satisfaction with the achieved level of interaction.

Prosecutor General informed the guest about the main activities of the prosecution service, the steps taken to ensure law and order.

A.Dranitsa expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and meaningful information. In turn, he shared his experience in supervisory activities of the Belarusian military prosecutor's office for crime prevention in the military and the rule of law and order in the forces.

As noted by the parties, this meeting would be another step towards achieving a higher level of cooperation between the legal systems of Kazakhstan and Belarus.


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