PRESS RELEASE on extradition of Mambetov K.M.

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Today KelesMambetovhas been extradited from Spain by the staff of the Prosecutor General's Office and the NCB of Interpol of MIAof the RK, who was accused for committing intentional crime and was in international wanted list.

In 2009 Interpol of Spain informed the authorized bodies of Kazakhstan, that searched K.Mambetov, absconding in the territory of Spain and using fake documents, in 2007 committed a crime for which he was sentenced for 7 years of imprisonment.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Kazakhstan, despite the absence of the agreements on extradition between our States at that time, requested the Spanish side about his extradition. The authorities of Spain, due to the seriousness of the committed crime by Mambetov, surrendered him for investigation to the Kazakhstani side for time of conducting the investigation.

According to the results of the investigation the guilty of the suspected person on committing of murder of Shakirova N. I. was fully proved. Under the sentence of the specialized inter-district criminal court of the city of Astana from March 18, 2011,Mambetov K.M. was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment.

After the sentence came into legal force, according to the existing accord Mambetov K.M. was returned to the Spanish side in May 2011.
Now after serving his  sentence, which had been assigned bythe Spanish court, Mambetovwas extradited to Kazakhstan

Thedecision was made by the Kingdom of Spain with regard to the established cooperation between our countries in fight against crime and also according to the interstate agreement on extradition, which was concluded                 in 2012.

Currently, K.Mambetov is in detention facility in Astana.   

Press service

of the Prosecutor General’s Office

of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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