Press release on escorting the nationals of Kazakhstan (September 17th, 2015, Astana)

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Today by the staff of the Prosecutor General’s Officeand the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Interpol with assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the nationals of our country Davyd Botsinyan and Aibek Kalbaev were conveyed to Kazakhstan.

According to the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in August 14th of this year the Ministry of Justice of Finland Republic made a decision to extradite D.Botsinyan wanted by DIA of Astana for committing serious crimes. In particular, he is accused of illegally transferring across the state border of Kazakhstan psychotropic substances on a large scale in 2009, as well as the illegal possession for the purpose of selling narcotic drugs on a large scale.

In August 21st of this year the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic Belarus made a decision to transfer 24-year old A.Kalbaev for further serving the punishment, appointed by Belarus Court in February 28th, 2015 for committing brigandage.

Escorted nationals were placed into pre-trial detention facility of Astana city.

Prosecutor General’s press office of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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