PRESS RELEASE Concerning the detention of Ablyazov M.K. in France (Astana, August 1, 2013)

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The law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan are carrying out the investigation of criminal cases involving the creation and management of an organized criminal group that committed theft of funds of JSC "BTA Bank" worth more than $ 5 billion, as well as legalization of crime proceeds.

According to these criminal cases, on March 6, 2009 Ablyazov M.K. was declared internationally wanted with a warrant of arrest for his further detention and extradition.

Along with this, being accused for committing a series of crimes Ablyazov M.K. is wanted by the law enforcement authorities of Russia and Ukraine.

Activities of Ablyazov M.K. and his accomplices were also the subject of a criminal investigation of law enforcement agencies in Cyprus, Hungary and Latvia. Competent authorities of Ireland and Finland are conducting inspections of activities of companies affiliated with Ablyazov M.K. companies.

In February 2012, the High Court of London, UK, sentenced Ablyazov M.K. to imprisonment for a term of 22 months for contempt of court, but he disappeared from the English justice system.

On July 31, 2013, the French Bureau of Interpol informed about the detention of Ablyazov M.K. in France.

Currently, more detailed information on the circumstances of detention of Ablyazov M.K. is not represented by French colleagues, as soon as it is received by the Prosecutor General’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it will be announced.

Press-service of Prosecutor General’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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