Press release about the meeting of the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan with the Public Prosecutor of Serbia (Belgrade, August 23, 2016)

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Today Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Zhakip Assanov has met with Public Prosecutor of Serbia Ms. Zagorka Dolovac.

In the course of the meeting they discussed the prospects of international legal relations between Kazakhstan and Serbia within the forthcoming signing of the three interstate treaties on criminal matters, on extradition and on transfer of sentenced persons.

The heads of the agencies of two countries have stressed the relevance of deepening the interactions on the issues related to general strategic objectives to ensure the international and regional security.

In conclusion of the meeting Mr. Zh. Assanov has expressed sincere gratitude to Ms. Z. Dolovac for the extended warm welcome and constructive dialogue, also noting the significant potential of legal cooperation between the two countries in the near future.

Press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office

of the Republic of Kazakhstan



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