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Kazakhstan successfully presented its report at the UN Committee on Human Rights

On June 22-23, 2016 in the framework of the 117th Session of the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva the Republic of Kazakhstan presented its  second  periodic report on the implementation of its international obligations in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

The delegation of Kazakhstan included representatives from the National Commission on Human Rights, the Supreme Court, the  General Prosecutor’s Office, the Central Electoral  Commission, the Ministries of Justice, Internal Affairs, Health and Social Development, Foreign Affairs, Information and Communication, Education and Science, as well as the National Centre for Human Rights.

The Head of the delegation, Ms. Elvira Azimova, Vice-Minister of Justice,           has briefed the members of the UN Committee on the activities carried out by the Government of Kazakhstan in the area of promotion and  protection of civil and political rights, as well as on the recent revisions of the national legislation adopted in the framework of the implementation of  Kazakhstan’s “100 Concrete Steps” Nation Plan which  identifies5 key national institutional reforms.  

Further  on, the members of the delegation replied to the questions of the Committee’s experts and informed them about the key transformations and changes in socio-economic and socio-political areas in Kazakhstan, the criminal procedure system, the judicial and law enforcement systems, the activities of the Commissioner on Human Rights, the extradition and the activities of the competent public authorities in the field of human rights.

In their  respective comments, the members of the Committee noted the progress of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of protection of civil and political rights. The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Fabian Salvioli, in particular, emphasized Kazakhstan’s significant achievements in this field over the past four years. The representative of Germany, Ms. Anja Saibert-Fohr, underlined that the Kazakh side has responsibly implemented the recommendations and observations of the Committee.  One of the Committee’s rapporteurs, Mr. Yadh Ben Achour, commended Kazakhstan’s international initiatives aimed to, inter alia, strengthen inter-faith and inter-religious harmony within the country. 

As part of the preliminary conclusions, the members of the Committee noted the need to take further measures to implement the recommendations presented during the dialogue.

The Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan



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