On participation of the Prosecutor General at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors (Dublin, 12-14 September 2016)

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Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Zhakip Assanov took part at the 21st Annual Conference and General Meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) on theme “The Prosecutor and the Investigator”, which was held in Dublin (the Republic of Ireland) in the period of September 12-14, 2016. The forum brought together the heads of the supreme supervisory authorities from more than 80 countries.

Director of Public Prosecutions of the Republic of Ireland Ms. Claire Loftus and President of the International Association of Prosecutors Mr. Gerhard Jarosch delivered welcoming remarks.

The main topics of the agenda were the issues on relations between prosecutors and investigators, role of international treaties on mutual legal assistance, fight against cybercrimes, corruption, terrorism and other types of organized crimes, international criminal justice and domestic violence in crisis conditions.

The conference participants emphasized the importance of international cooperation, as well as intensification of experience and information sharing between prosecution authorities to prevent the transnational crime, ensure human rights, justice, rule of law, settlement of mechanisms for the recovery of illegally obtained assets and income.

According to general views of participants, the relevance of discussing the agenda items were derived from common strategic objectives on maintaining international and regional security, consolidating the efforts of the supervisory authorities of different countries to protect the interests of society and state.

On the sidelines of the forum Mr. Zh.Assanov held bilateral meetings with the attorneys general of Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand, Emirate of Dubai, deputies prosecutors general of Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, as well as with high command of the IAP.

In the course of the negotiations the topical issues and prospects of mutual cooperation were discussed. Counterparts exchanged their views on further interaction in the framework of combating transnational organized crime, extremism and terrorism, drug trafficking, and also the matters related to human rights protection, expansion and enhancement of legal framework, rapid exchange of information and experience.

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