New structure of General Prosecutor's Office approved

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Astana. November 6, 2017 The head of state signed a decree "On some issues of the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on October 13, 2017.

This Decree approved the Regulations on the General Prosecutor's Office, its structure, established the total staffing number of the Office, the list of positions that are assigned to class ranks. At the same time the amendments and additions were made to some Decrees and the norms of individual acts of the President became unoperated.

The Regulations on the General Prosecutor's Office establish the main functions and tasks of the office, the legal status as well as the powers of the Prosecutor General.

For the first time, the Decree defines the mission of the General Prosecutor's Office - exercise of the law in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on behalf of the state in the limits and forms of supreme supervision, representation of the interests of the state in court and on behalf of the state and criminal prosecution.

The implementation of the constitutional functions of the prosecutor's office is entrusted to four divisions:

·       The Criminal Prosecution Service (1st Service);

·       The Service for the Supervision of the Legality of Sentences that went into force and their execution (2nd Service);

·       Public Interest Protection Service (3rd Service);

·       The Service of Special Prosecutors (4th Service).

The task of the Criminal Prosecution Service is to prevent the prosecution of an innocent person and ensure the principle of the inevitability of punishment for the commission of a criminal offense.

The protection of human rights for a fair trial, humane treatment and respect of honour in the execution of punishment is the main activity of the 2nd Service.

The third service will supervise the legality of the activities of state, local representative and executive bodies, local self-government bodies and their officials, other organizations regardless of the form of ownership as well as the acts and decisions they adopt.

Direction of activity of the 4th Service is a pre-trial investigation, including by leading investigative and investigative-operative groups.

Coordination of all the activities of the General Prosecutor's Office will continue, as before, by the Administration of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

The issues of personnel development, international cooperation, internal investigations, finance and strategic development are realized via Departments.

Internal audit, coordination of rulemaking, handling and record keeping, information security and protection of state secretaries are realized via independent managements.

To get acquainted with the full text of the Decree, you can click on the link: On some issues of the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Kazakhstan. О некоторых вопросах органов прокуратуры Республики Казахстан.


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