Meeting involving GP’’s Office authorities held in Regions on K. Kozhamzharov’s instructions

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On K. Kozhamzharov’s instructions the deputies of the General Prosecutor, the heads of the services of the central board hold the on-site meetings with the personnel of the territorial bodies of the prosecutor's office.

Together with consideration of the activity results for the past year, prosecutors of the regions are tasked with increasing the effectiveness of their supervisory activities.

In the field of public interests protection, the prosecutors of the regions have personal responsibility for ensuring social and political stability.

In this regard, they are entrusted to respond to social problems in labor, housing, communal and land legal relations in time.

In addition, the issues of tracking of the targeted use of budgetary resources and the National Fund including the budget for implementation of state programs are identified as priorities.

A set of measures to resolve environmental problems in the regions and ensure transport security are entrusted to take.

It is required to increase the role of procedural prosecutors in the supervision of observance of the constitutional rights of citizens from the moment of registration of the offense to the passing of a court verdict in the criminal process.

In their turn, the regional prosecutors made reports on the first results of the implementation of the law on modernization of the foundations of law enforcement.

Thus, the criminal authorities conduct over 300 pre-trial investigations in electronic format, more than 100 in the order of the writ proceedings.

The representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office warned the colleagues about the responsibility for the illegal involvement of citizens in the criminal process, red-tapery and poor quality of the investigation.

Special prosecutors are tasked to investigate criminal cases involving the rights of an unlimited number of persons or involving substantial damage to the interests of the state.

On K.Kozhamzharov’s instruction every prosecutor is warned of strict liability for inobservance of the anti-corruption laws, the Code of Honor and service discipline, including the off-duty time.



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