Kozhamzharov's addressed to prosecutors within framework of President's Message

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Kozhamzharov's addressed to prosecutors within framework of President's Message - 3567650

Dear Colleagues!


You have read the full text of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev "New Development Opportunities under the Fourth Industrial Revolution" which defines ten main objectives and the conditions for their implementation.

The Leader of the nation singled out the rule of law and fight against corruption among the key areas for further strategic development of the country.

This task is the main focus in the activity of all law enforcement bodies in modern conditions.



Above all, Nursultan Nazarbayev pointed out the importance of the Institutional reforms of judicial and law enforcement systems today in strengthening of the rule of law.

As you know, the Law was drafted and adopted on the initiative of the President last year, in which the fundamentals of law enforcement activity were substantially modernized.

Judicial control over pre-trial proceedings is strengthened. The phased transfer of powers to authorize all investigative actions restricting human rights and freedoms to the court was completed.

The terms for detaining juveniles, as well as those suspected of crimes of small and medium gravity, have been significantly reduced.

The Institute of Notifying Citizens of covert surveillance conducted with the granting of the right to compensation for the damage caused will be another guarantee of respect for the rights enshrined in the Constitution.


The rights of the defense team which will increase the adversarial nature of the criminal process are expanded.

The cases where suspects in committing economic crimes may be held in custody are clearly limited.

The pre-trial investigation is not registered without the presence of damage, confirmed by the acts of verification, inspections and audits in relation to entrepreneurs.

The listed provisions are mainly aimed at increasing the protection of the citizens involved in the orbit of criminal proceedings.

Therefore, all law enforcement agencies will focus on the implementation of the President's instruction to strengthen constitutional guarantees.

We have enough forces powers and means to do this.


In their turn, the prosecution institutions need to exercise their powers of supreme supervision to coordinate the activities of law enforcement agencies to prevent violations and fight with the crime.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the further development of the law enforcement system is impossible without the introduction of digital technologies.

In this regard, criminal proceedings will be transferred in electronic format phase-by-phase.

Digitalization will affect our interaction with the population. This will remove the existing unnecessary administrative barriers.

In pursuance the Head of State’s instructions, timely and qualitative permission of appeals from individuals and legal entities should be an effective tool for protecting their rights.

In order to do that, it is necessary to improve the work of the Law Enforcement Services Centers further.

The main evaluating criterion of our activities is still the increase in the level of public trust.

I wish you success and fruitful work in carrying out the instructions of the Head of State!


General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan
К. Кozhamzharov



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