Information about extradition

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Prosecutor General 's Office of the Republic of Belarus satisfied the requests of Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issue of three citizens of Kazakhstan - Igor Sychev, Darya Floris, Christine Weber and citizen of Republic of Turkey Nebi Bayram for criminal responsibility for the crimes committed on the territory of our Republic.

D.Floris and K.Veber were wanted by law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan for committing fraud, repeatedly, on a large scale.

I.Sychev causing intentional infliction of serious harm to health disappeared from the prosecuting authorities.

N.Bayram was wanted for participation in an organized criminal group, as well as for economic smuggling committed repeatedly, on a large scale, as part of OCG.

In January this year, all of them were detained by Belarusian authorities. Due to the clearly defined and coordinated interaction between the Prosecutor General's Offices of two countries, was made a decision to extradite them to Kazakhstan.

Today wanted persons convoyed from Belarus to Kazakhstan and shall remain in the temporary detention facility in Astana.

Currently, investigations on the case are held.