The General Prosecutor's office suppressed illegal extraction of natural resources

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At the meeting the General Prosecutor's office summed up the inspection of the state of legality in the field of subsoil use.

It was identified more than 700 cases of illegal extraction of common mineral resources – crushed stone, sand, clay, humus and other species.

The environmental damage was caused in the amount of more than 1.5 billion Tenge.

For example, in West Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Kyzylorda, Mangistau and Pavlodar regions about 17 subjects illegally extracted natural resources without obtaining land use rights.

In Zhambyl region, the company "ISS Ingineering" and "Bahon-Stroy" voluntarily withdrew from the depths of 197 thousand cubic meters of loam for the construction of railway lines and highways. The size of the damage amounted to 626 million Tenge.

On the recommendation of the Prosecutor's office, the Department of ecology has taken measures to compensate for the damage in the court.

In Almaty, Zhambyl and West Kazakhstan regions, in 200 cases, subsoil use activities were carried out at the expense of environmental safety without the permission of the authorized body for emissions into the environment.

Around Astana 54 illegal quarries were identified, where there were stolen about 176 thousand cubic meters of black earth, 38 thousand cubic meters of sand.

The damage to the state amounted to more than 300 million Tenge.

On this fact criminal case is being investigated concerning 11 persons, including 5 employees of law-enforcement bodies protecting plunder of minerals. They are all convicted.

Due to the lack of state control over the reclamation of disturbed lands in the process of subsoil use in Akmola, East Kazakhstan region, Zhambyl, EKO, Kostanay and Kyzylorda regions, more than 147 subjects withdrew from the work on land protection.

For 5 years after the cessation of mining, they do not take measures for the conservation and liquidation of quarries.

For all revealed violations of the law, 62 persons were brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount of 6.9 million Tenge, 11 contracts were terminated, 3 claims were made to compel 147 unscrupulous subsoil users to eliminate the consequences of subsoil use.

It was initiated the issue of withdrawal of 82 plots of land which were used illegally by subsoil users.

The state collected 821 million Tenge in the form of compensation for environmental damage, taxes, other mandatory payments and fines.

The Prosecutor General introduced to the Prime Minister the idea of improving the effectiveness of prevention, detection and exclusion of illegal mining.


The press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office



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