The General Prosecutor's Office summed up year results and determined tasks for future

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The General Prosecutor's Office summed up year results and determined tasks for future - 1144219560

Astana, January 26, 2018. An expanded meeting of the board of the General Prosecutor's Office was held under the chairmanship of General Prosecutor Kairat Kozhamzharov today where the results of the work over the past year were discussed and tasks for the upcoming period taking into account the instructions of the Head of State were determined.

The assistant to the President - Secretary of the Security Council Vladimir Zhumakanov, as well as the officials of the Presidential Administration took part in the work of the panel.

Addressing to the staff of the General Prosecutor's Office, the Secretary of the Security Council marked the key areas of the current Message of the Head of State and the coordinating role of the prosecution bodies in ensuring law in the country.

The General Prosecutor outlined specific tasks and vectors the prosecutors will concentrate their efforts on in the forthcoming period.

The improvement of the criminal situation in the country was noted. The number of criminal offenses was reduced by 12%, incl. against the person by 20% and property by 11%.

At the same time, currently a quarter of criminal cases are terminated on rehabilitating grounds, according to which citizens are unreasonably involved in the criminal process.

In this regard, K. Kozhamzharov demanded prosecutors to strengthen supervision during the pre-trial investigation.

"No investigative action restricting the rights and interests of citizens should remain outside the scope of prosecutorial supervision. The main indicator of the effectiveness of the prosecutor will be the protection of the constitutional rights of citizens," the head of the department stated.

It was also entrusted to ensure a qualitative approach to the maintenance of state prosecution in court for a full and comprehensive study of the circumstances of the case.

The General Prosecutor criticized the work of territorial prosecutors in the probation sphere.

"There is an increase in recidivism among convicts who are 4 times more in probation control (from 248 to 938), but there are no specific measures in this direction," he said.

Despite the decline in the prison population, the number of convicts' complaints is increasing by 26% every year, which is connected with systemic problems and high corruption in the penal system.

Actual issues in the penitentiary sphere will be the subject of a separate discussion at the Coordinating Council of Law Enforcement Bodies of the Republic.

Taking measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens who are unable to protect themselves, an unlimited number of persons, and when it is necessary to prevent irreversible consequences for people's lives and state security is of high-priority in the socioeconomic sphere.

"The qualitative consideration of complaints and applications of citizens remains being the key task. No treatment should be left without attention. We need to know where the rights are violated and respond in a timely manner," Kozhamzharov demanded.

In this regard, the General Prosecutor signed an appropriate decree, which obliged his deputies, heads of the services and territorial prosecutors to explain to citizens the reasons for refusing to satisfy appeals personally.

The further digitalization of the criminal process is recognized another priority direction, stemming from the instructions of the Head of State. Therefore, the gradual transition of criminal proceedings to electronic format will be continued.

K.Kozhamzharov also noted the importance of strengthening international partnership in issues of extradition of criminals and return of stolen assets from abroad.

In conclusion, the necessity to develop the capacity of the Academy of Law Enforcement in training and retraining law enforcement personnel, as well as raising the professional level of the staff of the prosecutor's office further was noted.

"The society needs a prosecutor who is able to take responsibility, available to citizens, active in strengthening the rule of law and with an impeccable reputation," the head of the department summarized.

Following the results of the collegium, a number of specific instructions were given.


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