General Prosecutor’s Office approved new rules for reception of citizens

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Since October 9 of the current year the new rules (hereinafter - the Rules) for the personal admission of physical persons and representatives of legal authorities by officials of the prosecution officer are in force.

According to the Rules, the senior management of the General Prosecutor’s Office,  the Regional Prosecutor’s Offices and equated to them offices’ reception will be done by appointment.

The application can be submitted by calling the Call-center (115) or by sending an electronic application via the portals "" and "", as well as writing a written appeal.

The record is made on issues within the competence of the prosecution authorities.

The senior management of the General Prosecutor’s Office will receive citizens at a personal reception at least once a month, in regions it’ll happen once a week. At the same time, the latter and district prosecutors are now obliged to accept irrespective of their previous reply.

The rest of the staff, including district special Prosecutors will receive daily as needed (without recording).

Employees of the Prosecutor's office whose competence includes the reception will receive daily during working hours from 9 am to 6.30 pm according to the approved timetable.

In the internal affairs bodies, penitentiary and special institutions (investigation cells, temporary containment cells, special detention centers, reception centers, guardhouses) the citizens are received by duty prosecutors on an approved schedule which can be found in the buildings of institutions.

If necessary, regional prosecutors may instruct their deputies to receive the applicants.

As before, the authors of appeals will be able to participate personally in the consideration of the appeal and provide materials.

Employees of regional and district prosecutor's offices in case of leaving the arguments of the application accepted at personal reception, without satisfaction (refusal responses) will have to give the applicant a personal answer explaining the reasons for the refusal.

The rules also determine the grounds for refusing entry to the office of the General Prosecutor's Office. These include:

- if persons previously received or have a response, respectively given by the General Prosecutor’s Office and his deputy;

- if the consideration of appeals in accordance with Part 1 of Article 106 of the Criminal Procedure Code falls within the competence of the courts, as well as in criminal cases sent to the court;

- missing the period for appeal of judicial acts;

- appealing against the judicial acts in cases not provided for by Part 2 of Article 54 of the Civil Procedure Code (on affairs of an optional category);

- appealing against the judicial acts that are not subject to revision in the cassation procedure for cases (part 7 of Article 429, part 2 of Article 434 of the Civil Procedure Code, part 2 of article 484 of the Criminal Procedure Code).

Let’s remind that citizens also have the opportunity to make an appointment with the management of the General Prosecutor's Office through the Center for Law Enforcement Services.

The complete text of the Rules is available on the link...

Reference: As previously reported, to improve the quality of work with the population in July of the current year the Center for Law Enforcement Services (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was opened in the building of the General Prosecutor's Office. The idea of ​​its creation follows from the 100th step of the Plan of the Nation regarding the integration of legal services in one place.

The main tasks of the Center are to resolve promptly the complaints, increase the level of citizens' trust in law enforcement and state bodies, and remove administrative barriers and bureaucracy.

 It works like the PSC but only through the law enforcement services. The experienced prosecutors along with representatives of other bodies, lawyers, mediators, probation services and psychologists provide conduct the reception of the citizens and consult on the application of legislation and assist in drafting appeals in the Center. Prosecutors in the course of admission have the opportunity to demand specific cases, to verify the legality of procedural decisions of lower-ranking prosecutors and to redirect an appeal to another agency for competence through the "Electronic Government" portal.

During two months of functioning of the Center, prosecutors conducted a personal reception of more than 1,110 citizens, rendered legal assistance to 616 people, accepted 341 applications and gave corresponding instructions to the regions.

The psychologist of the Center provided assistance to 134 visitors, lawyers provided free assistance to 175 citizens.

Similar Centers already function in Aktobe and Kyzylorda, and by the end of the year it is planned to open in all the regions.

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