On the detention of the train driver "Astana-Almaty"

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Today, various news agencies published inaccurate information about the detainment by police the driver who operated the locomotive of the passenger train with the message "Astana-Almaty".

We officially inform that at present a pre-trial investigation is conducted on this fact, during which there weren’t any detentions.

The Ministry of Investment and Development has set up a special commission to investigate this railway accident, which has the necessary information.

The course of the investigation is under control of the Main Transport Prosecutor's Office.

We clarify that due to the requirements of Article 25 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Mass Media", the dissemination of information that does not correspond to reality entails responsibility stipulated by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We ask the news agencies, when publishing the materials, to refer to the official reports voiced by the authorized bodies and, in accordance with Article 19, 21 of the Law, to refute this fact in the mass media.


Press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office





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