Deputy Prosecutor General talk about measures to protect business

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25 September, Astana. Deputy Prosecutor General Marat Akhmetzhanov participated in V Forum of Mechanicians of Kazakhstan. The main topics were the issues on cooperation between the state and the quasi-public sectors, reduction of the administrative barriers and further prospects of development of the domestic engineering.

Deputy Prosecutor General acquainted the Forum participants with the measures taken by GP Office to establish safe and comfortable conditions for setting business.

The particular attention was paid to the criminal trial.

“It is the criminal trial where the facts of a tough “pressing” from the side of the security forces takes place. Almost ½ of the companies taken under this “pressure” now defunct.” – M. Akhmetzhanov noticed.

He also said that the Office had changed the Regulations on economic crime registration to turn around the situation.

As a result the number of cases decreased fourfold.

The most important thing is that the false business was decriminalized and alongside this total reversing entry of taxes is the thing of the past. We’ll modernize the criminal trial further and enlarge the lawyers’ opportunities to accumulate evidence.” – the Deputy Prosecutor General added.

The reporter also told about the Office project called “Electronic criminal case” which will give possibility to get rid of extra functions, documents and evidence falsification, and also about the “Kamkor” mobile application aimed to inform an entrepreneur about the inspections.

The speech also touched upon the services provided by the Office bodies in the centers of law service. 

Innovative design and new approaches of the General Prosecutor Office attracted a large interest of the entrepreneurs community of the participating countries and interest to share experiences.

 Let’s add that First Deputy Prime Minister A. U. Mamin, Ministerfor investment and development Zh.M. Kasymbek, Austrian Ambassador in Kazakhstan Dr. Gerhard Sayller together with the heads of state, international and republican bodies busy in the field of engineering were the participants of the Forum.

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