Deputy Prosecutor General Andrei Lukin responds to appeals of members of «Aissanam de Luxe - Uspekh» building society

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Astana. November 4, 2017 Deputy Prosecutor General Andrei Lukin met with the members of "Aissanam de Luxe - Uspekh" responded to their appeals in the Center for Law Enforcement Services (hereinafter referred to as the CLS) yesterday.

By way of reminder, on November 28, 2016, by the sentence of the court on the criminal case in relation to the officials of the company "Azbuka zhiljya", all the assets of developers were transferred to building societies in compensation for damages.

This is done to provide them with the opportunity to complete the residential complexes of the company "Azbuka zhiljya".

There are 7 such RCs. Each of them has a BS.

But there were formed 2 building societies that are "Aissanam de Luxe - Uspekh" and "Aissanam de Luxe - Otau" for "Aissanam de Luxe".

There are disagreements between these building societies.

Upon the application of  "Aissanam de Luxe - Otau" building society and other 6 BSs the Judicial Board for Criminal Cases of the Astana City Court explained that the above sentence of the court is to be enforced by transferring the property of the convicts and "Azbuka zhiljya" company to the balance of "ORDA Engineering" LLP.

In its turn, "Aissanam de Luxe - Uspekh" BS consisting of 230 investors does not agree with this.

On October 23 of this year the initiative group of this BS once again appealed to the General Prosecutor's Office. One of the main requirements was to protest the sentence of the court in order to cancel the transfer of property to "ORDA Engineering" LLP.

However, as it turned out, more than 2 thousand citizens who are members of the other 7 BSs do not agree with this position.

The representatives of the mentioned 7 BSs presented their arguments at a press conference held on October 25 of this year in the CLS.

They told about the progress of the construction of the houses and the measures taken to control them. According to them the introduction of the protest will infringe a lot of citizens, since not only the construction of the "Aissanam de Luxe", but also the other 6 BSs will be suspended.

Therefore, they asked the General Prosecutor's Office and other state bodies not to support and leave the requirements of "Aissanam de Luxe - Uspekh" BS without satisfaction.

In light of the existence of opposing positions on the same issue, the General Prosecutor's Office proposed to the initiative group of the "Aissanam de Luxe - Uspekh" BS to come to a consolidated opinion in his response.

If there is no consensus between the representatives of all the above mentioned BSs, they will have the right to apply to the Supreme Court independently with a petition for review of the decision of the appellate instance under the cassational prosedure.


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