Coordination Council discussed the implementation of Plan of the Nation in General Prosecutor's Office

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Astana. November 21, 2017 A meeting of the Coordinating Council (hereinafter - the Council)  on Ensuring the Rule of Law, Law and Order and Combating Crime was held under the chairmanship of Prosecutor General Zhakip Assanov today.

The issues of the implementation of the 28-34 steps of the Plan of the Nation were discussed. These are: improvement of the appointment process of police officers (28th step), the inclusion of law enforcement officers in the state service system (29), the establishment of the local police service (30), ensuring police transparency by establishing public councils, which examine citizens’ appeals (31) creating an internet portal “map of criminal offenses” (32), establishing a system of social rehabilitation for the citizens released from prisons (33) and the modernization of prison infrastructure (34).

The second and third issues on the agenda were anti-corruption law compliance by law enforcement personnel, as well as certain issues of the criminal-executive system.

Welcoming the participants of the event, Zhakip Assanov drew attention to the importance of the issues raised and also dwelt on the defects of law enforcement agencies in implementing certain steps of the Plan of the Nation.

Yerlan Turgumbayev, Vice Minister of the Ministry, reported on the ongoing work on the implementation of 28,30,31,33 and 34 steps by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The implementation of the 32nd step of the Plan of the Nation was reported by Baghdad Mussin, the chairman of the Committee (CLSaSR).

He informed about the possibilities of the "Map of criminal offenses" which became a convenient tool for citizens to track the crime situation in this or that area.

It also became known that to expand the functional of the Map the Committee developed a geo-information map "Crime Analytics". According to the set parameters, it will identify the centers of crime in the regions displaying the charts by months and days, showing the structure of the crimes.

The results of the implementation were presented by the Agency (ARKCSAaA) in December last year of the Roadmap for Corruption fight as well as the Head of the National Bureau Talgat Tatubayev reported on the 29th step of the Plan of the Nation.

Concluding the work of the Council, the General Prosecutor shared examples of successful implementation of the instructions of the Head of State by the prosecutor's office.

‘We created the Center for Personnel Selection. We have developed and are implementing the E-criminal case we are optimizing the criminal process. SRAP was launched in the pilot mode. The Law Enforcement Services Centers were opened. It is these measures that in the complex are the fulfillment of the Plan of the Nation. Its successful implementation depends on us - the leaders of law enforcement agencies,’ Assanov summed up.

Following the meeting, recommendations on the proper implementation of the program document, organization of work on further fight to corruption and torture were developed.


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