Beware of financial pyramids!

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Dear citizens!

The Internet and electronic payment means are developing rapidly. There are many proposals on the market about allegedly profitable investment of money in these tools. But not everyone knows how to do it right.

Scammers used it. What is the difference between financial pyramids and bona fide organizations?


First, they massively involve people with the promise of fabulous profits. Such profitability cannot be provided either by banks or other organizations. This should be alarming.


Secondly, they are often registered abroad, the founders are not known, and the money is exported abroad.

Their representatives can not clearly explain how they earn and where they invest their funds. Instead, you will hear prepared stories about serious partners and projects, you will be shown beautiful booklets.


Third, they always encourage you to attract new customers, promising additional income for this.

All these signs clearly indicate that you are facing a financial pyramid, whose advertising and activities are prohibited in Kazakhstan (article 150 of the Code of Administrative Offenses and article 217 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

If you are a victim of scammers, you need to contact the police or the Economic Investigation Service.

The other day, there were publications in the media about Questra Holdings Inc.. Parliament deputies also spoke about it.

In this part, the following work has been done.

First. On the initiative of the prosecutor's office of the Kyzylorda region by the bodies of internal affairs on March 15 of the current year was begun the criminal case against Questra Holdings Inc.


The second. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been instructed to set up an investigation group to organize an investigation throughout the country.


Third. Together with the National Bank, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Revenue Committee, we will monitor the situation and take measures to suppress the financial pyramids activities.

We call on citizens to be vigilant and do not trust their savings with swindlers. In case of doubt, before investing money, it is better to apply to law enforcement agencies.


General Prosecutor's Office of the
Republic of Kazakhstan

Additionally, for the media


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