About signing the Treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United States of America (Washington, February 20, 2015)

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In the framework of the visit to the United States of America the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Mr. Askhat Daulbayev held a meeting with the US Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mr. Bruce Swartz.

During the meeting the sides expressed mutual interest in further deepening of bilateral relations in all areas of legal cooperation, as well as expansion of the legal framework for further development of the existing partnership.

The interlocutors exchanged views on the Summit held on countering violent extremism. The parties stressed that such global forum is a significant step for elaboration of appropriate measures to prevent challenges and threats of the modern world.

The parties also reaffirmed their readiness to further expand interagency relationships and to achieve a higher level of cooperation between the legal systems of Kazakhstan and the United States.

The result of the visit of the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Mr. A.Daulbayev to the United States was signing of the intergovernmental Treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters. This is the first such kind of agreement signed by the United States with the countries of Central Asia.

The parties noted that signing of the document is an important step in strengthening bilateral cooperation in the sphere of combating crime, and it will contribute to the efficiency of the competent authorities of both parties in the criminal law sphere.

As there was emphasized by the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan, signing the agreement has become historically important and significant event in the expansion of the Kazakh-American legal cooperation and in consolidation of efforts of two countries in the fight against crime.

Rendering the mutual legal assistance in criminal matters is an important element in fight against crime that provides wide opportunities for deepening cooperation.

There has been developed dynamic and mutually beneficial cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan and the USA, which is now rising to a qualitatively new level. Therefore, the held event is a testimony of growing confidence in the legal system of Kazakhstan, recognition of the country's success in building democratic institutions, creating the mechanisms that meet the generally accepted standards of guarantee for human rights and freedoms protection.

Signing of the agreement, after completing all internal procedures in both countries, will enable Kazakh and American authorities to render each other active legal assistance in the field of investigation, persecution and prevention of criminal offences, as well as conducting proceedings related to criminal matters.

Strengthening of practical cooperation and creation of effective mechanisms that will enable the parties to fulfill mutual requests for legal assistance is of special importance.


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