The Press release (March, 15th, Astana, 2012)

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Today E.Utemisov has been extradited for the first time from Portugal to Kazakhstan who has been put on the international wanted list by the law enforcement bodies of the South Kazakhstan area to nail him on charge for his armed assaulting.

E.Utemisov is being charged that in 2004 he was one of the members of criminal group which, having made armed assault on the security guard of Limited Liability Company "Avilon-7" and having taken hold of LLC’s property, had escaped.

E.Utemisov has been arrested in Coimbra (Portugal) and pinched in September of last year.

The Court of Coimbra city has taken the decision on his extradition to Kazakhstan under the petition of the General Prosecutor’s office of Kazakhstan. This fact testifies to improvement of a situation with observance of human rights in Kazakhstan, creation of effective guarantees of protection of the rights and the legitimate interests of the person according to the basic requirements of the European convention under the human rights.

The Press-service of the General Prosecutor’s Office


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