The Press release (March, 13th, Astana, 2012)

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Askhat Daulbaev, the Prosecutor General has met Miroslav Encha, the Special representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, the Head of the Regional Center of the United Nations on Preventive Diplomacy in the Central Asia, on March, 13th, 2012.

The open, substantial dialogue and a constructive exchange of opinions on the pressing questions connected with investigation of the events in Zhanaozen town of Mangistausky area has been taken place during this meeting.

The Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan has in details informed about the current situation in this region, and also about accepted measures on restoration of a public order and legality in this town. A.Daulbaev has reported that the careful analysis of these events, studying of world experience and situation monitoring will lower probability of repeating of similar conflicts.

M.Encha has told about his trip’s results in Zhanaozen where he has met the representatives of the town’s administration. M.Encha has positively estimated those measures which are being accepted by the government of Kazakhstan on complete both objective investigation and an establishment of all circumstances of the occurred events, legality of actions of bodies of the law and order. He has especially underlined that the court should give to these actions of all participants a definitive and impartial estimation, and the world community hopes for fair and open proceeding. M.Encha has especially noted openness and a transparency of activity of bodies of Public Prosecutor’s service during the investigation of affairs of participants of this event.

The special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations also has noted necessity of accepting of preventive measures on non-admission of similar incidents and he has expressed readiness of the United Nations within the limits of the powers delegated to it to assist in this work.

The Press-service of the General Prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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