The Press release (February, 28th, Astana, 2012)

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The Kazakhstan’s delegation led by T.Donakov, the Deputy Head of Presidential Administration has been in Germany with the working visit from February, and also with participation of representatives of the General Prosecutor’s office, the Constitutional council, the Supreme Court, Office of the Prime Minister, Committee of national safety and of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from18 till 24th current year.

Qualitative study of the positions of the project of the Concept of a new edition of Criminal code RK, conformity to their conventional world standards in the field of penal law has become predominant purpose of the Kazakhstan lawyers’ visit to Germany.

Some functional meetings with a direction of the Federal Ministry of Justice of Germany and authoritative European experts in the field of penal law have taken place within the limits of this visit. The questions of liberalization and decriminalization of the penal legislation, differentiation prospects in the penal legislation of Kazakhstan of illegal acts on crimes and criminal offences, strengthening’s of responsibility for certain kinds of crimes, determinations of the specific characteristic on economic, computer, corruption and to environmental offences, including connected with terrorist and extremist activity have been discussed during these meetings.

The Press-service of the General Prosecutor’s Office


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